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bow falls . bow falls winter
Bow Falls

Directions: From the Town Centre, head towards the bridge (south) away from Cascade mountain. From the left lane (sidewalk), turn left after the bridge. Walking: Exit sidewalk on left, go down stairs, cross road, turn right, procees to path that runs along the Spray river, this will take you beside, above and past Bow falls. Driving: Stay in left lane through the lights (Phils Restaurant will be on your right), turn left at the next set of lights (Bow Falls/Golf Course Road), follow windy road down until you see the public parking on the left. If you continue down the road (walking or driving) you will find the golf course clubhouse and eventually, the water treatment plant. From the Bow falls parking lot, there are stairs that lead up the the Waldhaus Restaurant & Pub and then more stairs up to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

central park . gazebo banff
Central Park

Town of Banff website: Banff’s Central Park is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic, get married, listen to an outdoor concert, play frisbee or just relax. Located alongside the Bow River, Central Park is a scenic home for outdoor cultural activities and public art. To book the Gazebo or check on events and concerts scheduled in the Park, call 403.762.1238. Directions: From the Town Centre, head towards the bridge (south) away from Cascade mountain. From the right lane (sidewalk), turn right at the next lights, before the bridge on Buffalo Street. Central Park is on the left side.

tunnel mountain . tunnel mountain
Tunnel Mountain Hike Certainly an old one but a good one, this hike has been around since the early days of Banff National Park . The trail is well maintained, easy to access, and ideal for visitors. A panoramic view from the top of the town site, the Bow Valley and Mt. Rundle make this the perfect "get-to-know-the-area" excursion. Directions: From the Town Centre, head towards Cascade mountain (North) away from the bridge. Turn right at the next set of lights on Wolf street. Proceed up the hill. At the top intersection, follow the road up the hill (St. Julien Rd). Trailhead is by the public parking lot on the left, 'bout 3/4 up the road. 3 hours is lots of time to hike up, enjoy the views, and hike down. Taxi Mike's Tunnel Hike pics!

Hiking Trails

Pool . Foosball
Storm Cellar
(403) 762-4123 • 801 Hidden Ridge Way
HI Hostel on Tunnel Mountain
The Storm Cellar we offer free pool, darts and foosball at all times!

magpie . magpie
Magpie & Stump (403) 762-4067 • 203 Caribou St.
Free Peanuts! Of course they'll expect you to at least buy a beverage or two while you're sitting at the bar or a table, enjoying the Free Peanuts!

beer . beer
Banff Ave. Brewing Co. (403) 762-1003 • 110 Banff Ave.
Free Tours of their
traditional, English-style brewery! How is beer made?

Park Distillery . Park Distillery
wheelchair-access Park Distillery (403) 762­5114 • 219 Banff Ave.
Free Distillery Tours! Daily at 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30 pm. Tour is free! Optional vodka/whisky tasting $20.

The Devil’s Gap (403) 762-8800 • 306 Caribou St.
Free Foosball and Free Pool 7 days a week!

Rose & Crown (403) 762-2121 • 202 Banff Ave. Band line-up
Tuesdays - Free pool in the back!

riverview hall . heritage hall
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

405 Spray Avenue • Phone: (403) 762-2211
BSH Web The 3 lower floors (Lobby level, Mezzanine I and Mezzanine II levels) are open to the public and include shops, restaurants, lounges, views, displays, pictures, sitting areas, hallways and staircases to explore. My advice, get a map! Taxi Mike's webpage - Ghost webpage

Banff Public Library
101 Bear Street • 403-762-2661
Website From the outside, the little brown building at the corner of Bear and Buffalo streets has a certain rustic charm, occasionally enhanced by the presence of an elk grazing on the lawn. But to find out what's really special about the Banff Public Library, a newcomer to Banff would have to enter the doors, approach the circulation desk, and ask for a library membership. With proof of Banff residency, the newcomer would get a library card -- for Free. Always Free to just browse the books and more!

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